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40 Short Stories of Noted Tamil Poet Vairamuthu

Noted Tamil poet Vairamuthu “introduced” his book of 40 short stories, titled “Short Stories by Vairamuthu”, in the Capital on Sunday. Speaking to a packed audience at the Tamil Sangam auditorium, the six-time national award-winning lyricist explained how ideas for short stories can be conceived.

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6000 Copied Sold In 3 Days

The Barn on Half Moon Hill was written by Barnsley author Milly Johnson to raise money for Claire Throssell, whose two sons were killed in a house fire in Penistone in October 2014. Each copy is being sold for 99 pence.

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AI To Write Creepy Short Stories

Google is training its deep learning technology to come up with “rather dramatic” short stories based on sentences that researchers give it.

Quartz spotted a paper published by Google researchers that includes examples of the work produced by Google Brain.

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Greatest Bengali Stories Ever Told

When penning a book of Bengali short stories, it is only natural to begin with Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Kabuliwallah,’ the iconic tale of friendship between an Afghani dry-fruit seller and a 5-year-old girl, that continues to be recited till date in homes and classrooms across Bengal and beyond.

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Short stories/poems Scarce in Printed Media

Literary forms like the short story and the poem nowadays feature less and less in printed media because of market conditions, an artist says.

“Literary magazines and journals are practically non-existent in this country or at least have lost their importance. It clearly shows our apathetic attitude toward literature,” Poet Nirwan Dewanto said …

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2016 Commonwealth Short Story Prize

The regional winners for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize were announced on Wednesday. The prize recognizes the best unpublished short story in English.

The five winners, each representing one of the Commonwealth regions,

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Adventures of Professor Shonku by Satyajit Ray

Professor Shonku is a short story collection by Satyajit Ray, featuring the eponymous character, Professor Shonku. It was first published in India by NewScript Publications, Calcutta, in 1965. Of the nine short stories that are part of the collection, …

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$30,000 Short Story Award

Andrea Barrett, an award winning writer who teaches in the Warren Wilson College MFA Program for Writers, has been named the winner of the Rea Award for the Short Story, which carries a $30,000 prize.

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Too Many Beige Short Stories

I’d been trying to write short stories for a long time, failing, throwing them away, trying again, failing, throwing them away. I was driven by sheer bloody-mindedness more than anything else. After all, short stories are just strings of well-chosen words.

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Winner of 2016 Toronto Star Short Story Contest

A chilling tale of insatiable man-eating monsters that lurk behind trees, love that ends tragically and the relationship between art and the artist are seamlessly interwoven in “Wendigo,” first-place winner in the Toronto Star 2016 Short Story Contest.

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69 Short Stories

Emmanuel Acho wakes up, sure that the alarm is wrong. It can’t be 5:15 already. Maybe he should stop waking up so early. He should get that jog in though, and it’s always nice when he can make a proper breakfast. You know what, though, he thinks, not today.

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