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The Cracked Pot

An elderly Chinese man had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole which he carried across his neck.

One of the pots had a crack in it while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water.

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The Monk and the Cobra

There once lived a venomous snake in a hole under a large tree. The tree stood in a corner of a field near a village.The cobra attacked people at the slightest provocation and many people died because of the snakes deadly bite. Fear of the cobra kept people from coming near the tree.

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Power of One Percent Improvement

Two young men were accused of stealing a cow of a farmer. Both men pleaded innocence with the jury. A Trial by Combat was delivered stating the one who could carry a cow that of similar size of the stolen cow and walk a mile will be declared innocent and the another would be beheaded.

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One Good Meal

Anansi the Spider hated to share! When Turtle came to his house at mealtime, he said, “I can’t give you food until you’ve washed your dusty feet!”

Turtle licked his lips when he saw the big plate of steaming food, but politely walked to the stream to wash. When he returned, the plate was empty. “Good meal,” Anansi said, patting his full stomach.

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Man Thinks Himself Wise

A traveler who stopped to rest under a nut tree. After a while he feel relaxed start reading books.

While reading he see around and noticed a huge pumpkin growing on a thin vine.

“How foolish are the ways of nature,” the traveler muttered.

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The Girl Who Turn Into A Tree

Once there was a girl who could turn into a tree.

She would have her younger sister pour a pot of water over her, and she would turn into a tree. Her younger sister would gently pick the flowers that would grow from the branches of the tree. She was very careful to not break any of the branches. Then, to turn her older sister back into a human, she would pour another pot of water over her.

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The Power of Words

It’s about the story of the Blind Man. One day, there was a blind man sitting on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet and a sign that read:


A Coach was walking by and stopped to observe.

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The Mysterious Bowl

In old times the Sage would go door to door for alms. People would respectfully serve them will the best they had. One morning a Great Sage knocked at the door of a Great King and asked him to fill his begging bowl with anything.

King was very happy to hear the Sage’s request and he ordered his staff to fill his bowl with Gold coins. The moment Gold coins were put inside the Bowl, instantly they used to disappear.

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A Leather Purse

A Jewish Folktale

A beggar found a leather purse that someone had dropped in the marketplace. Opening it, he discovered that it contained 100 pieces of gold. Then he heard a merchant shout, “A reward! A reward to the one who finds my leather purse!”

Being an honest man, the beggar came forward and handed the purse to the merchant saying, “Here is your purse. May I have the reward now?”

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The Scholar and the Boatman

A scholar was touring around the world, gathering immensely treasured pieces of literature. On his journey he came on the bank of a river and there was no bridge to cross it. Looking around he saw at a boatman. He said to the boatman, “I am a great scholar from middle-east. Would you row me across the river?”The boatman agreed to fiery him to the other side.

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