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the_resurgence-poetry-prize-2016_thb_image The Resurgence Poetry Prize 2016

The Competition is now open.

1st October 2016

Who may enter
The competition is open to anyone.

The contest is organised by the Resurgence Trust, publishers of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.

Three awards will be made for original and previously unpublished ‘ecopoems’ in English.
Poems do not need to address a specific theme, but to be eligible a poems will in some way – thematically, structurally, linguistically or formally – investigate the interrelationship between human culture and the natural world.

Poems that have won or which are under consideration in other competitions are not eligible, nor poems which are translations of another author’s work.

Poets may submit as many poems as they wish but each poem must not be more than 54 lines in length.

Entry fees
Price for 1/first poem: £8
Each additional poem after that: £3

• 1st prize: £5,000
• 2nd prize: £2,000
• 3rd prize: £1,000

Enroll Here

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