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Part 31 of total 44 stories in series Ramayana Characters.

Sita was the daughter of Janaka, the King of Mithila (modern day Janakpur in Nepal – refer map). Her mother’s name was Sunayana. It was a divine plan to annihilate the Rakshasas (demons or evil forces) that led to her birth in Raja Janaka ’s house.

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Marriage Season

Part 5 of total 31 stories in series Ramayana - The Epic Story.

The invitation and message sent by King Janaka reached Ayodhya and the messenger narrated the details of the Swayamvar and Rama’s lifting of the mighty arrow of Shiva thereby winning Sita’s hand.

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Sita Swayamvar

Part 4 of total 31 stories in series Ramayana - The Epic Story.

With the sage, Rama and Lakshmana proceeded to Janakpuri. When the people saw them arriving through the main road into Janakpuri, they thronged to get a look at the two handsome, enchanting young. Men and women, old and young, were all captivated by the sight of Rama and Lakshmana.

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