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Balkand – The Birth of Lord Rama

Part 1 of total 74 stories in series Ramayana in Hindi.

कौशल प्रदेश, जिसकी स्थापना वैवस्वत मनु ने की थी, पवित्र सरयू नदी के तट पर स्थित है। सुन्दर एवं समृद्ध अयोध्या नगरी इस प्रदेश की राजधानी है। वैवस्वत मनु के वंश में अनेक शूरवीर, पराक्रमी, प्रतिभाशाली तथा यशस्वी राजा हुये जिनमें से राजा दशरथ भी एक थे। राजा दशरथ वेदों के मर्मज्ञ, धर्मप्राण, दयालु, रणकुशल, और प्रजापालक थे।

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The Story of The Weaver

Part 49 of total 51 stories in series Panchatantra Tales.

There was a weaver called Mandharaka in a southern city. One day, when he was weaving clothes, the wooden frames necessary for weaving were totally damaged. He went to the forest to bring wood to make new frames.

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Part 26 of total 44 stories in series Ramayana Characters.

In Treta Yuga (there are four Yugas according to Hindu mythology- Sat (Krita) Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga and Kali Yuga), Ramkatha, the story of Rama, the eldest son of Ayodhya king Dashratha.

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Part 21 of total 44 stories in series Ramayana Characters.

Malyavan was the senior-most minister in the court of Ravana, the King of Lanka. He was also Ravana’s maternal great grandfather. His father Suketu had three valiant sons;

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