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The First New England Christmas

Part 25 of total 34 stories in series The Children's Book of Christmas Stories.

It was a warm and pleasant Saturday—that twenty-third of December, 1620. The winter wind had blown itself away in the storm of the day before, and the air was clear and balmy. The people on board the Mayflower were glad of the pleasant day. It was three long months since they had started from Plymouth, in England, to seek a home across the ocean. Now they had come into a harbour that they named New Plymouth, in the country of New England.

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A Correspondence

A few years ago I was in Dresden. I was staying at an hotel. From early morning till late evening I strolled about the town, and did not think it necessary to make acquaintance with my neighbours;

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The Three Sisters

Part 11 of total 32 stories in series Stories from Pentamerone.

It is a great truth that from the same wood are formed the statues of idols and the rafters of gallows, kings’ thrones and cobblers’ stalls;

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