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The Little Sister’s Vacation

Part 14 of total 34 stories in series The Children's Book of Christmas Stories.

It was to be a glorious Christmas at Doctor Brower’s. All “the children”—little Peggy and her mother always spoke of the grown-up ones as “the children”—were coming home. Mabel was coming from Ohio with her big husband and her two babies, Minna and little Robin, the year-old grandson whom the home family had never seen; Hazen was coming all the way from the Johns Hopkins Medical School, and Arna was coming home from her teaching in New York.

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A locomotive is, next to a marine engine, the most sensitive thing man ever made; and No. .007, besides being sensitive, was new. The red paint was hardly dry on his spotless bumper-bar, his headlight shone like a fireman’s helmet, and his cab might have been a hard-wood-finish parlour. They had run him into the round-house after his trial – he had said good-bye to his best friend in the shops,

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The Passing of Grandison

When it is said that it was done to please a woman, there ought perhaps to be enough said to explain anything; for what a man will not do to please a woman is yet to be discovered. Nevertheless, it might be well to state a few preliminary facts to make it clear why young Dick Owens tried to run one of his father’s negro men off to Canada.

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Bitter Bronx: Thirteen Stories

Most people who read Jerome Charyn’s new book of short stories, “Bitter Bronx,” won’t know much about Robert Moses or what happened after the controversial “master builder’s” Cross-Bronx Expressway sliced through this borough and, according to many including the author, wrought upheaval.

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Deborah Eisenberg Won Short Story Prize

Deborah Eisenberg has won the PEN-Malamud Award for Excellence in the Short Story. The annual $5,000 prize is given in honor of Bernard Malamud (1914-1986) by the PEN-Faulkner Foundation based in Washington.

Eisenberg, a MacArthur “genius” who teaches creative writing at Columbia University in New York, is the author of six collections of short fiction, starting with “Transactions in a Foreign Currency,” published in 1986.

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The Dream

I was living at that time with my mother in a little seaside town. I was in my seventeenth year, while my mother was not quite five-and-thirty; she had married very young.

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