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Mr. Bluff’s Experiences of Holidays

Part 29 of total 34 stories in series The Children's Book of Christmas Stories.

“I hate holidays,” said Bachelor Bluff to me, with some little irritation, on a Christmas a few years ago. Then he paused an instant, after which he resumed: “I don’t mean to say that I hate to see people enjoying themselves. But I hate holidays, nevertheless, because to me they are always the saddest and dreariest days of the year.

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Christmas in Seventeen Seventy-Six

Part 27 of total 34 stories in series The Children's Book of Christmas Stories.

Children, have any of you ever thought of what little people like you were doing in this country more than a hundred years ago, when the cruel tide of war swept over its bosom? From many homes the fathers were absent, fighting bravely for the liberty which we now enjoy, while the mothers no less valiantly struggled against hardships and discomforts in order to keep a home for their children,

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The Little Sister’s Vacation

Part 14 of total 34 stories in series The Children's Book of Christmas Stories.

It was to be a glorious Christmas at Doctor Brower’s. All “the children”—little Peggy and her mother always spoke of the grown-up ones as “the children”—were coming home. Mabel was coming from Ohio with her big husband and her two babies, Minna and little Robin, the year-old grandson whom the home family had never seen; Hazen was coming all the way from the Johns Hopkins Medical School, and Arna was coming home from her teaching in New York.

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A Turkey Hunt

Three of Madame’s finest bronze turkeys were missing from the brood. It was nearing Christmas, and that was the reason, perhaps, that even Monsieur grew agitated when the discovery was made. The news was brought to the house by Sévérin’s boy, who had seen the troop at noon a half mile up the bayou three short.

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15th Edition of Ankara’s Short Story Festival

Yaşar Kemal, the towering figure of contemporary Turkish literature who died on Feb. 28 aged 91, will be remembered this week in Ankara as part of the city’s annual international short story festival, which gets under way on Wednesday in its 15th edition.

The Ankara International Short Story Days run May 20-24 in their 2015 edition, dedicated to the memory of Kemal, who was equally famous for his short stories as his novels.

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The Ant in Office

You tell me that my verse is rough,
And to do mischief like enough;
Bid me eschew, in honest rhymes,
Follies of countries and crimes.
You ask me if I ever knew
Court chaplains thus lawn sleeves pursue?

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The Bear in a Boat

Ah! my dear fellow, write the motto
NOSCE TEIPSUM o’er your grotto;
For he must daily wiser grow,
Determined his own scope to know.
He never launches from the shore
Without the compass, sail, and oar.

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