Once there were living two friends named Ram and Shyam.

Once shyam said to Ram,”Ram would you like to have a bet with me ?”

Ram said,”Why not?, but what would be the conditions ?”

Shyam said,“I may say you something & you may say me something”

“okay” Ram said.

Shyam again said,”But both of us should say yes in each other’s words.”

“But if anyone of us will say no,he may give one hundred rupees to the other one.”

Ram agreed.

First Shyam said,”Once my father pushed a running train 3 k.m. back.”

Ram said,”Yes it might happen”.

Then Ram said,”Give meĀ one hundred rupees”.

Being irritated Shyam said,”no”.

He had forgotten the conditions of the bet for a while.

When he became normal he was thinking what had he said?


A Bet – Funny Stories

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