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According to the Puranic Lore, at the end of every cycle of creation, during Mahapralaya (the absolute dissolution of creation of the universe i.e. the planets, celestial bodies including the countless galaxies are absorbed into the womb of the ultimate) the entire universe including Brahma is absorbed into Vishnu. Nothing remains except void. Then MahaVishnu starts the cycle of creation once more. As soon as he contemplates on the creation of the universe while reclining in a yogic pose over the Kshirsagar (The ocean of milk), a lotus emerges from his navel.

From the enormous lotus blossoming on the cord from his navel, Brahma appears. He finds himself alone in the void. He wants to look around in all four directions and at once, he has four heads gazing in the four directions. He is now called Chaturmukhi (four-headed). He cannot see anyone else in the void and is disturbed to find himself alone. He descends down from the lotus and tries to climb down the cord or stalk. But it has no end. He returns to the lotus and wonders who am I in this enormous emptiness? A celestial voice rings out “O Chaturanan, Adi Purush Bramhaji, Meditate!”

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Brahma then begins to meditate. After an infinite period of meditation, he hears the celestial announcement, “Contemplate on the start of creation.” Brahma then contemplates on a Purush (a man) in the likeness of himself. Four beings are born from him. They are the four primordial humans Sanaka, Sanatana, Sanatkumar and Sanatsujat all in baby form.

Brahma asks them to create progeny to populate the creations but they decline and decide to devote themselves to prayer to the ultimate reality. Brahma then contemplates on Prajapatis and as soon as he thinks of creating them Narada, Daksha, Prajapati, Pulatasya, Pralah, Kritu, Vashishtha, Angira, Atri, Bhrigu, Marichi are born. Among these all except Narad came to be known as Prajapatis. On Brahma’s orders, they create progeny. Brahma then made a pair of man and woman who were called Manu and Shatrupa. Brahma gave rise to Dharma and Adharma, Rati & Kamdev.

All this creation is a product of Brahma’s contemplation. He was angry that the world was not being populated fast enough. His brows were raised in anger and from his brows a baby appeared who was crying aloud. As he was in tears – Rudan, he came to be called Rudra. He is Lord Shiva. This entire creations was the initial creation of Brahma. Later this was replicated to create other universes.

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Brahma was born of Rajoguna (one of the three gunas (qualities) of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) hence he is considered Rajoguna Devta and is the prime cause of the growth of the universe and Brahma is the adipurusha (the first being of the creation).


Brahma – Hindu Mythology

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