Rose Marie woke up one day and knew she would see every city in the world.

But instead of buying her ticket, packing her bags and leaving for the airport, she went to the mall to get a few things: models of buildings, cathedrals, pyramids, temples. After returning home, she eagerly started sorting them.

She decided to build the major capitals of the world in her cozy living room.

A tiny replica of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame was Paris; London was a miniature Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace; Moscow, Saint Basil’s Cathedral; Rome, columns of the Coliseum; Giza, the pyramids; a windmill for Amsterdam; the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building for New York, and so every major city in the world was represented by a typical landmark.

Then, she entered the garage and the bedrooms and covered them with curtains and rugs to continue adding more countries and their capitals.

Not completely satisfied with the new layout of the living room, garage and bedrooms, she went to the backyard and set up the Amazon with ornamental plants, faux rivers and waterfalls; she hung photos of parrots and monkeys in a tree and let loose a turtle, butterflies and a lizard in the bushes for a realistic touch.

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When she had completely transformed her house (luckily she lived alone) into a collection of cities, Rose Marie triumphantly took her suitcase (a miniature one, of course) and started visiting each country from a tiny chair. She took a photo drinking coffee in Vienna; a beer in Berlin; and devouring an enchilada in Mexico City.

Who needs to explore an increasingly dangerous world when you can have it in the comfort of your home?


Domestic Tourism – Readers Submitted – by Lorenzo Reina

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