Mullah, Nasrudin Hoja appears as the whimsical character in a growing tradition of stories. The tales of Nasrudin are sometimes adapted and used as teaching stories by followers of the Sufi way. Some mystic traditions use jokes, stories and poetry to express certain ideas, allowing the bypassing of the normal discriminative thought patterns. The rationality that confines and objectifies the thinking process is the opposite to the intuitive, gestalt mentality that the mystic is attempting to engage, enter and retain.

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Enjoy following stories in Hindi (animated videos)
1. Ishwar Ke Darshan
2. Kapdo Ki Dawat
3. Baug Mai Pano Dena
4. Khushboo Ki Kimat
5. Billi Kaha Hai
6. Naseeruddin Ka Bhashan
7. Mulla Ka Aram
8. Pathhar Ka Shorba
9. Mulla Nasaruddin Ka Sapna
10. Teen Sawwal, Teen Javab

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