“Good News.” -Master Shifu “There is just news. There is no good or bad.” -Oogway From movie Kung Fu Panda

Yes, it’s right. There is no good or bad. We are delighted to offer this space where we are frequently publishing NEWS related to short stories from around the world. The page is an effort to keep our readers updated with news related to short stories. What’s happening in the short stories niche of the world, you will get it here.

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$30,000 Short Story Award

Andrea Barrett, an award winning writer who teaches in the Warren Wilson College MFA Program for Writers, has been named the winner of the Rea Award for the Short Story, which carries a $30,000 prize.

Too Many Beige Short Stories

I’d been trying to write short stories for a long time, failing, throwing them away, trying again, failing, throwing them away. I was driven by sheer bloody-mindedness more than anything else. After all, short stories are just strings of well-chosen words.

Winner of 2016 Toronto Star Short Story Contest

A chilling tale of insatiable man-eating monsters that lurk behind trees, love that ends tragically and the relationship between art and the artist are seamlessly interwoven in “Wendigo,” first-place winner in the Toronto Star 2016 Short Story Contest.

69 Short Stories

Emmanuel Acho wakes up, sure that the alarm is wrong. It can’t be 5:15 already. Maybe he should stop waking up so early. He should get that jog in though, and it’s always nice when he can make a proper breakfast. You know what, though, he thinks, not today.

Short Story Vending Machines

A strange new spin on the vending machine has cropped up in the city of Grenoble: instead of dispensing soda and snacks, these sleek orange and black machines print out free short stories.

One Point Two Billion Short Stories

Mahesh Rao’s anthology of short stories, titled One Point Two Billion, is one striking book, and I’m impressed. It’s hard to maintain that cool distance of a critic from such talented writing and say measured things about it.

Microsoft Invites 9 Sci-Fi Writers

Microsoft wants to pique the curiosity of future-gazing sci-fi fans with a new book of short stories inspired by the company’s early-stage research work.

The $9,000 Short Story

Two years ago, you could have read Adam Johnson’s story “Nirvana” in Esquire magazine for the price of a fancy latte (or for free online). If you’re hip enough, you’ve already read several of his stories in the little Portland, Ore.-based journal Tin House (annual subscription: $34.95).

Unreleased F Scott Fitzgerald Short Story

A short story by F Scott Fitzgerald discovered in the archives of Princeton University has finally been published, 75 years after the author of The Great Gatsby died of a heart attack, aged 44.
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