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Yes, it’s right. There is no good or bad. We are delighted to offer this space where we are frequently publishing NEWS related to short stories from around the world. The page is an effort to keep our readers updated with news related to short stories. What’s happening in the short stories niche of the world, you will get it here.

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Best Short Stories of the Year June 2015

It’s a grand time to be a fan of short-form speculative literature. There are dozens of magazines, many of which are consistently amazing, publishing hundreds of stories on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Here’s the problem: there are dozens of magazines, publishing hundreds of stories.

Once We Were Sioux

James Marlow of Mattapoisett read Tolstoy’s massive tome, “War and Peace,” when he was 17 years old and became hooked on literature and writing then and there. Luckily, I read Voltaire’s “Candide,” a less hefty tome and much easier to carry around, when I was in high school.

Short Stories Cann’t Be Unread

Fight Club, Choke, Snuff, Romance - Chuck Palahniuk's writing has not just been delicious to savour on the palate: it makes for supremely good cinematic fodder, too. Few authors have quite the same minimalist turn of phrase that packs a disturbing and visceral punch.

Short Story Contest by The Providence Journal

The Providence Journal is holding a short-story contest seeking original tales of terror that exemplify the best of H. P. Lovecraft's "weird fiction." NecronomiCon Providence, the biennial Lovecraft lovefest set in the legendary horror writer's old haunt, opens Aug. 20 — marking Howard Phillips Lovecraft's 125th birthday.

Short Stories and Poems Invited

As a part of the golden jubilee celebrations of the Kannada Study Centre of Bangalore University, the university has planned to bring out a collection of ‘Dalit poetry and short stories’.

Short Story Mystery Contest -Deadline: July 31

The Houston Writers Guild presents a short story mystery contest, open to members and nonmembers of the guild. This community of Houston-area writers is looking for original unpublished mystery short stories. Stand-alone adaptations from longer manuscripts are welcome, too.

Shortlist for O’Connor International Short Story Award

Karen E Bender, Carys Davies, Tony Earley, Kirsty Gunn and Alejandro Zambra on shortlist for world’s richest short story prize. Three Americans, a Chilean, a New Zealander and a Welsh author have been shortlisted for the €25,000 Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award, the world’s richest short story prize, won last year by Colin Barrett for Young Skins.

Escape from New York

Novelist Zadie Smith is behind this week’s fiction at The New Yorker, which explores one of the great myths of New York City: Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marlon Brando escaped from New York City together on September 11th in a rental car and road tripped as far as Ohio before any of their management people noticed they were gone.

Woman Turns Diary About A Dog Into Short Story

For 12 1/2 years, Karen McDaniel kept a diary of life with her Dachshund, Whitney. Whitney died of cancer and other problems, but a bit of her lives on in a new book by McDaniel, “Whitney: Dog Saved from the City Dump.” “I had a journal for her whole life,” McDaniel said.
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