kavi dayaramDayaram (Gujarati:દયારામ) (1777–1853) was a Gujarati poet of medieval Gujarati literature. He was known for his literary form called Garbi in Gujarat. He was a follower of Pushtimarg of Hindu religion. Dayaram, along with Narsinh Mehta and Meera, is considered as major contributor during Bhakti Movement in Gujarati literature.

Contribution Dayaram was follower of “Nirgun bhakti sampraday” (pushti sampraday) in Gujarat. So he gave many Garbi describing Krishna as human-being.

Although Dayaram has written in prose a major chunk of his published work is in poetry. The total number of his creations is not known and is still under debate. There are various opinions of scholars. Kavi Narmad writes; with confirmation with Dayaram’s chief disciple Ranchod, that the poet has written 38 Gujarati books and 37 Hindustani books, where as one other scholar states that the total number of books is 87, where as some others believe that the total number of the poet’s creations is almost one and a half lakhs whereas some believe that he has written 48 books in Gujarati, 41 in ‘Vraj’ plus 7000 more in ‘gujarati’,12,000 in ‘Vraj’, 200 in Marathi, 24 in Punjabi, 15 in Sanskrit and 75 in Urdu.

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