gangasati imageGangasati was a medieval saint poet of bhakti tradition of western India who composed several devotional songs in Gujarati language.

she was born in Vaghela Rajput family in Saurashtra region of present day Gujarat state of India circa 12th to 14th century. She married Kahalsang or Kahalubha of Samdhiala village near present day Bhavnagar. He was a follower of nijiya tradition of Bhakti Movement. They had a son, Ajobha, who was married to Paanbai.

The couple was religious and their home became centre of devotion activities which was small to house number of sadhus and people visiting. They moved to farm and built hut where they continued their religious activities.

According to traditional account, to prove his spiritual powers, Kalubha once resurrected a cow but later he regretted and decided to take samadhi and end his life. Gangasati urged him to let her take samadhi too but he refused and instructed her to wait until she had perfected Paanbai, her daughter-in-law, in path of devotion. She agreed and composed devotional songs, bhajans, one per day for fifty one days to teach Paanbai, the path of devotion. She took samadhi thereafter.

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