Harindra_Dave imageHarindra Dave (19 September 1930 – 29 March 1995) was a Gujarati writer of the post-independence period.

He was born on 19 September 1930 in Khambhra village in Kachchh District, Gujarat. He was educated at Shamaldas Gandhi College, Bhavnagar and later Bombay University.

He authored more than fifty works, including poems, essays, Drama and fiction. He was a journalist by profession.

He was Editor of Gujarati news Papers Janmabhoomi and Janmabhoomi-Pravasi. Well-known poet writer and a Journalist.”Aganpankhi(1962), “Madhav Kyayn Nath(1970)i”, “Krishna ane Manav Sambandho(1982)”, “Mukhvato”, “Anagat”, “Hayati(1978)”, “Sang-Asang”, “Lohi no Rang Lal(1981)”, “Gandhi Ni Kavad(1984) and many more titles to his credit.

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