kalapipicSursinhji Takhtasinhji Gohil (Gujarati:સુરસિંહજી તખ્તસિંહજી ગોહિલ) (1874-1900), popularly known by his pen name, Kalapi (Gujarati:કલાપી) was a poet and the royal of Lathi state in Gujarat.

He lived in Lathi-Gohilwad, which is located in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

In spite of his short life, poet Kalapi’s creation was immense and enormous. His creation includes about 250 poems (including 15,000 verses). He has also given a number of prose writings. His 900 letters to his friends and wives brought the facts and truth. He not only used Gujarati language as his medium to elaborate his own creation, but also translated four English novels in Gujarati.

In his relatively short life, he still managed to mentor a minor number of budding poets, who carried on his style of writing, becoming very famous in their own right. The most prominent among these was Kavi Lalitji, who was about the same age as Kalapi, and already an established poet, when he was invited to the Lathi Darbar as a tutor for the Royal children. He came under Kalapi’s influence, the two became great friends, and Kavi Lalitji went on to become the Rajya Kavi (Royal Bard) of Lathi.

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