Kavi_Kant imageManishankar Ratnashankar Bhatt, popularly known as Kavi Kant (Gujarati: મણિશંકર રત્નશંકર ભટૃ or “કાન્ત”), was a Gujarati poet.

Kavi Kant was born Manishankar Ratnashankar Bhatt in 1868 in Chavand (near Amreli) village, part of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. He was born a Hindu and was part of the Prashnora, Nagar Bhramin caste. His family’s influence left him with a deep interest in both educational knowledge and philosophy. He was a student of both Hindu and Biblical philosophy.

He wrote one poetry book called Purvalap, which was released on the day he died. He invented a form of poetry called “Khand-Kavya”. His poem “Sagar ane Sashi (The Sea and the Moon)” is considered one of the ten best lyric (Urmi-Kavita) of all time. He also wrote the plays Roman-Swaraj and Guru Govindsinh.

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