Muktanand-Swami imageMuktanand Swami (1758-1830) was a sadhu and paramahansa of the Swaminarayan Sampraday.

He was born Mukund Das to Anandram and Radhabai in Amrapur village (Dist-Amreli), Gujarat in 1758. When children of his age group were indulging in sports, and games Mukund sat quietly in seclusion with the closed eyes.

Mukund Das learnt Vedas, scriptures and music from two teachers – Jaduram and Hathiram, both of whom were scholars in literature and fine arts. Muktanand Swami was also regarded as the incarnation of Naradji. Muktanand Swami was considered the principal disciple of Ramanand Swami. He mastered the eight folded yogic state.

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