read and earn money
It has been around three years we are working day and night to make world’s biggest collection of short stories properly organized in a user friendly way.

We have now reached to 5000+ quality short stories. Our target is to reach at 100000+ quality short stories.

To boost our goal and to say thank you to our members we have come up with rewarding system.

We will award coins to our members for reading/contributing a story and after gathering particular amount of coins members can withdraw coins to get real money.

No gift voucher or gifts, we are awarding real money to our members.

We are not imparting any restrictions on earning money or no competition being organized. Anybody can earn money now by just reading a story. Now you don’t required skills to write a story and win competition, just read daily and as much as you can and earn money.

Read more stories, earn more money. Happy Reading, Happy Earning.

Read our Guidelines and Policy.

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