This section contains horror short stories. You will be definitely terrifying by reading these ghost stories.

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Horror – A True Tale

I was but nineteen years of age when the incident occurred which has thrown a shadow over my life; and, ah me! how many and many a weary year has dragged by since then! Young, happy, and beloved I was in those long-departed days. They said that I was beautiful. The mirror now reflects a haggard old woman, with ashen lips and face of deadly pallor. But do not fancy that you are listening to a mere puling lament.


Count Eriq Gwevare looked over at his uncle, Dre. Dre held himself regally, powerfully as he lifted the snifter of brandy to his lips and took a small draught. Eriq watched the wind sweep over his uncle's features: feathering his cape and pressing his exquisite, noble...


I pulled the cruiser to a stop and flipped a switch on the dash, killing the siren. As I got out and made my way to the rear of the small, wooden shack, the smell of burning assaulted my nose. I heard a moaning, keening wail, and I headed in the direction of the...


The departure lounge was almost full. Paul Young sat in the centre of the room, sipping his coffee nervously. It was a clear night, and outside on the floodlit concourse he could see the baggage handlers loading a mountain of luggage into the holding bay of the aircraft.

April Infinite

I sat between the rocks and watched the town simmer. The brightest lights of its highest points flickered, and once again, I saw the serpents' eyes. They were no strangers to me; I had met them in a dream - they had told me not to panic. All was well. They had...

Uncle Jeff’s Bedroom

Uncle Jeff’s bedroom was orderly. All blankets, pillows, bed sheets, curtains, and dresses, were put in the right place. Uncle Jeff was orderly too; he rose from bed, took a pee, brushed his teeth and gargled for three minutes to eliminate mouth rancidity, had a shower,

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