This section contains kids short stories. All the stories in this section is for children to learn moral lessons.

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Three Friends and the Hermit

There were three friends one of them was a carpenter The other was weaver and the other was a wizard one day they went through a forest. At the noon time they took rest unclear a tree the carpenter saw a piece of timber and make it a beautiful young lady’s statue.

How The Dog Finds His Master

This happened long ago. God had just created birds, animals and men they all lived together in the forest. But they were afraid of one another. Small creatures kept out of the way of the larger ones.

A Foolish Farmer

One day a farmer was waking on the river bank. He was very poor. He had nothing he wanted to die. On the way he found a basket in full of color stones.

The Girl and the Dragon

There was a little village near a mountain. The village was beautiful. It has fountains and paddy’s and parks. There are two rivers was flowing through the village so the villagers were happy.

The Hilsa Fish Challenge

Gopal was a clever and witty barber, He lived in a small kingdom , ruled by a king called Raja Krishna Chandra. The Raja often turned to Gopal to help him out of difficult situations or solve a difficult problem.

Meal For The Robe

Once a Monk, traveling for a very long period of time returned to his home-town, dressed in his robe which has almost became rags after so many days of travel.
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