Charles Dickens

Charles John Huffam Dickens - Literature Author - 1812 to 1870

Charles John Huffam Dickens – Literature Author – 1812 to 1870

Charles Dickens Short Stories

Full Name: Charles John Huffam Dickens

Time: 7 February 1812 to 9 June 1870

About: Charles John Huffam Dickens, 7 February 1812 – 9 June 1870, was an English writer and social critic. He created some of the world’s most memorable fictional characters and is generally regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian period. During his life, his works enjoyed unprecedented fame, and by the twentieth century his literary genius was broadly acknowledged by critics and scholars. His novels and short stories continue to be widely popular. More…

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The Christmas Goblins

In an old abbey town, a long, long while ago there officiated as sexton and gravedigger in the churchyard one Gabriel Grubb. He was an ill conditioned cross-grained, surly fellow, who consorted with nobody but himself and an old wicker-bottle which fitted into his...

The Holly Tree

THREE BRANCHES FIRST BRANCH--MYSELF I have kept one secret in the course of my life. I am a bashful man. Nobody would suppose it, nobody ever does suppose it, nobody ever did suppose it, but I am naturally a bashful man. This is the secret which I have never breathed...

A Child’s Story

Once upon a time, a good many years ago, there was a traveler, and he set out upon a journey. It was a magic journey, and was to seem very long when he began it, and very short when he got half way through.

The Poor Traveler

In the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine, a relative of mine came limping down, on foot, to the town of Chatham. He was a poor traveler, with not a farthing in his pocket. My relative came down to Chatham to enlist in a cavalry regiment, if a cavalry...

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