J. S. Adams

Mrs J S Adams

American novalist Harriet Ada Marr Adams (1845–1885) also known as Mrs J. S. Adams, after her husband, John Samuel Adams. Born in Maine, USA on 24 Jan 1845 to William March Marr and Ruth May. Harriet Ada married John Adams and had a child named John Chester Adam. Her famous creation named “Allegories of Life” includes 23 short stories. She also wrote very famous novel “Dawn”.

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Truth and Error – J S Adams

Amid the starry realms there lived an old philosopher, a man deep in wisdom, who had two daughters, named Truth and Error, whom he sent to earth to perform a mission to its people; and though he knew that their labors must be united, he could not explain to them why two so dissimilar should have to roam so many years on earth together.
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