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We have biggest collection of mythology stories from the religions around the world. It also has some cultural mythology stories. Read here short stories on different mythology like Hindu mythology, Greek mythology, Roman mythology and many more.

Devi Lakshmi


Laxmi is a part of the Hindu Trinity of goddesses which comprises of Saraswati (consort of Brahma and goddess of arts and knowledge), Laxmi (wife of Lord Vishnu and goddess of wealth and prosperity) and Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva and goddess of spiritual wealth).

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The Story of Chandra – Indian Mythology

The moon is the mind of all, the lord of the senses and the emotions and those who worship him assiduously lose their diseases and become happy. Among the Nakshatras (the lunar constellations of the Vedic zodiac) the Moon is incarnation of God in the lunar form and his esteem is magnified because Shiva, the lord of Mount Kailas, wears the crescent Moon on His forehead.

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